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Porsche Brake Service, Porsche Brake Pads Replacement near Me in Pittsburgh PA

Brakes are an absolutely vital piece of safety equipment on any vehicle, but for performance vehicles that come with generous helpings of power, they are even more vital. Since Porsche builds exactly that kind of vehicle, Sewickley Porsche has put together this guide to brakes and what you need to know to keep them in good condition, and for you to stay safe.

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Porsche 911 Brakes

When To Have Your Brakes Inspected

The key to keeping your brakes in good working order is to know what to look for before something goes wrong. While the unexpected could always happen, brakes tend to wear in predictable ways, and there are a number of warning signs that will allow you to spot a problem, even beyond regular wear and tear. If you notice any of these issues, please schedule an appointment right away, our team of Porsche experts can help make sure that the issue doesn’t get worse.

  • Your car gives you a “Service Brakes” warning on the instrument panel
  • You hear a grinding or screeching sound of rubbing metal when you apply the brakes
  • You feel a vibration or your vehicle pulls to one side when you brake
  • Your brake pedal goes all the way to the floor when you press it, or you have to press it much harder than usual in order to stop

Porsche 911

Why Have Your Brakes Serviced at Sewickley Porsche

Your safety behind the wheel depends on your brakes, and keeping them working the way they’re supposed to is an important enough job that you should only entrust it to experts. Fortunately, the service team at Sewickley Porsche is made entirely of experts. Porsche vehicles use high-performance brakes, and the parts for these are highly specialized. It’s therefore important to make sure you’re getting the correct parts, and that these are factory OEM parts. That’s exactly what our parts department stocks, and with Sewickley Porsche, you can rest easy knowing that you got the very best care for your Porsche vehicle.