Are Porsche Good in Snow? – Porsche Snow Performance Overview

Best Porsche for Winter Driving near Pittsburgh PA

You don’t expect winter handling to be an especially high priority for a sportscar manufacturer, and you would probably be right most of the time. But one very notable exception is Porsche. Racing in dirt, mud, and snow has long been a part of the company’s history, and this has resulted in Porsche vehicles that can handle snow in ways that will probably surprise you. That’s why Sewickley Porsche has put together this guide to some of the highlights of Porsche snow driving.

Best Porsche Models For Winter Driving

Porsche Cayenne Snow

Porsche Cayenne In Snow

It’s probably not shocking to see an SUV with standard AWD named first on this list, but it might surprise you to learn just how capable it really is. A solid example of this is the Cayenne’s multiple wins in the Transsyberia Rally, a punishing cross-country race open to any AWD street-legal vehicle. The Cayenne performed so well that one year saw 25 out of 36 teams piloting a Cayenne. With the right tires, the Cayenne is one of the best vehicles on the road when it’s snowing.

Porsche Macan Snow

Porsche Macan In Snow

While the Macan is another SUV with standard AWD, compacts tend not to be where people look for vehicles that will handle well in the snow. But the Macan is no ordinary compact SUV, and it has the many, many Car & Driver 10Best wins to prove it1. A big part of those wins is the Macan’s amazing handling ability. And while this is usually associated with dry summer conditions, the Macan proves just as amazing in the snow.

Porsche Panamera Snow

Porsche Panamera In Snow

Thanks to Integrated Porsche 4D-Chassis Control, the Panamera handles extremely well in all conditions. But add the available AWD and it becomes phenomenal. With the available air suspension, the body of the Panamera can even be lifted to increase ground clearance in case of really deep snow. With the available Sport Turismo body style, the Panamera provides all the functionality of an SUV for those who prefer a sedan.

Porsche 911 Snow

Porsche 911 In Snow

This one will probably come as a shock to some people, since you usually don’t see the cars that compete with the 911 around in anything but the most ideal weather. But rally racing, and its associated low-traction conditions, have been a part of the 911 story since the early days. This includes an outright win of the Paris-Dakar rally, perhaps the most famous, and grueling, rally in the world. Porsche even builds a special offroad-focused car named to honor this win, the 911 Dakar. But the beauty of the 911 is that you don’t even need a special 911 to enjoy winter driving, with a set of winter tires and the available AWD, the 911 handles snow shockingly well.

Porsche Winter Tires

The Importance Of Tires

Things like all-wheel drive and good ground clearance will give some vehicles an advantage over others, but the importance of the right tires cannot be overstated. As the only part of your vehicle that actually touches the road, the right tires can make all the difference. For example, Porsche has stated that switching from summer tires to winter tires can cut the Macan’s stopping distance on snow at 31 mph from 66 yards to 33 yards2. Porsche Traction Management gives a further edge, but the right tires are by far the most important aspect. That’s why Porsche sells winter wheel and tire sets, and why we have a whole separate guide to these, check it out below.

Porsche Winter Wheel And Tire Guide